The Avionic RCB OS-10 is a 10 Channel transmitter with Open Source software which means the options to upgrade your transmitter is literally limitless. This transmitter can be used on CCPM helis, planes, gliders, cars, multi copters etc. The RCB OS-10 has telemetry and you can read / measure the voltage of the lipo battery connected to your receiver. More sensors for telemetry are getting added soon.The transmitter comes with a back lit lcd screen and has vibration control (a small micro motors has been installed in the transmitter), this motor will get activated when ever you battery seems to be low in our tx hence sending you a warning to get your model to the ground. This transmitter can be used on nitro planes / helis, Large gasser or helis and also electric powered models.


  •  Open Source software with 10 Ch facility
  • Telemetry
  • Vibration warning assist
  • 2.4 GHz FHSS technology provides a highly secure connection, optimum responsiveness, increased range and the ability to fly more safely.
  • Helis, Airplanes /Sailplanes mixes (tailerons, flapperons, V-Tail), Quads and more
  • Digital smooth trims• Mode 1 (3) and Mode 2 (4) on flipping a single switch.
  • Digital trims on the 4 main channels.
  • 3 types of protocol, PPM, 10Ch and 6Ch
  • Unique ID imprint can be done manually from your transmitter to pair your receiver
  • 3 point Dual rates• 30 model memories with model naming on 4 characters.
  • Trainer and student facility• Simulator connector in the front of the transmitter
  • Foldable handle and antenna.
  • Fail Safe
  • Digital programmable transmitter with 10-channel able to effectively control model airplanes or gliders.
  • Sticks are accurate and height adjustable for a perfect fit for the pilot’s hands.
  • Tie neck strap hook positioned for perfect balanced device.
  • Short antenna retractable for easy storage of the device during transport.
  • Retractable carrying handle for easy storage of the device during transport and for resting on the ground.
  • LCD to enable reading of your settings in any surroundings.
  • 4 programming buttons allow quick and easy access to all features.
  • Reinforced Security system based on a unique identifier between the transmitter and receiver, as well as the verification of the position of the throttle stick to idle power.
  • 4 digital trims with automatic storage for each model memory and visual graphic and audible tones.
  • Pairing functionality with 10ch Rx and also the earlier version of 6ch Rx.

Package contains:-

• 1 no: Avionic RCB OS-10, 10 channel 2.4Ghz transmitter

• 1 no: Avionic RZ10, 10 channel SBus compatible receiver

• 1 no: Connector wires for Voltage check on receiver