DJI has been hard at work on some very exciting new products including a new flagship flight controller: The DJI A2. Inherited from the technology of DJI’s Wookong series controller, the A2 offers you a brand new flight experience with a new design philosophy. Superseding the Wookong family, the A2 sticks closely to DJI’s tradition of wowing customers with high specs, but it also innovates dramatically in a couple of key areas, which DJI hopes will give it an edge over the competition: A2 Features:

  • Precise Position Hold in Extreme Environments
  • High Accuracy and Anti-vibration Dampening Characteristics
  • Built-in 2.4ghz DESST Receiver• Flexible extension capability
  • Remote Parameter Adjustment Enabled
  • Upgraded Power Management Unit (PMU)
  • Dual CAN-Bus System• Advanced Friendly Features
  • DJI A2 Multi-rotor Flight Controller