GPS Module and LED module connection: 1. GPS and LED: Use 4P-4P connect main controller GPS port and LED port, supply power to flight controller. If S-OSD power light lits, then it is right. 2. Then plug GPS module and LED module at S-OSD port. 3. Switch port: The function of switch port is screen switch. There are plenty of contents S-OSD will display, so need two screens display. One time one screen content. The screen switched by transmitter 3-step switch through switch port. 4. Throttle channel: S-OSD could display throttle channel signal data from 0%-100%. Two THRO port on S-OSD, one connects receiver throttle, the other connects flight controller. 5. Attitude cable: connects with flight controller f1/f2 6. RSSI: S-OSD could display receivers signal strength, this port is used to connect receivers RSSI port 7. Voltage detection function: wiring as picture shows8. Video port: wiring as picture shows Features: Compatible with ordinary OSD display function Added function: Flight mode, Flight attitude, throttle channel signal data(0%-100%), receiver signal strength(if receiver with RSSI function), screen switch function(dual screen display) Description:

  • Item name: S-OSD
  • ModuleSize: 4.3cm x 3.8cm
  • Dynamic voltage detection: 3S-6S