► Supported Airframes:

  • Traditional fixed wing, Elevon, and V-tail planes
  • Tricopter, Quadcopter, and Hexacopter multirotors

► Recommended Airframes: the Vector is not recommended for large or heavy airframes, due to no or limited testing on these types of models at this time. Examples: giant scale fixed wing models, turbines, or multirotors larger than 650mm are not recommended. ► Video formats: composite NTSC and PAL (autodetect) ► Dimensions (L x W x H, approximate):

  • Controller: 65mm x 33mm x 14mm
  • GPS/Mag: 35mm x 24mm x 15mm
  • Current Sensor/PSU (with Deans™): 42mm x 19mm x 18mm

► Weight (approximate):

  • Controller: 21g
  • GPS/Mag: 13g
  • Current Sensor/PSU (with Deans™): 15g

► Current Sensor/PSU

  • Peak measured current: 140 amps (see section 3.4)
  • Max pack voltage: 6s/25.2V
  • Maximum 12V PSU current: 1A
  • Maximum 5V PSU current: 1A

► Includes:

  • Vector Controller
  • Vector GPS/Mag
  • Current Sensor/PSU
  • Reciever harness cable
  • GPS harness cable
  • Audio cable
  • Video cable
  • GPS stand